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about us

who we are

JISHA PHYSIOTHERAPY AND NEURO REHABILITATION CENTRE is a leading multi disciplinary Therapy Center for Children and adults in navsari. We are committed to serve children and adults.

"Our mission is to provide our patients with the best and most comprehensive care.our therapies are dedicated to providing your family with quality care byb assuring that each patient receives individual, personal attention. Qualiyt patient care is our priority. Ourto excellence. staff are recognized for compassion, experience, knowledge and a commtement. We believe in prevention of disease and promotion of healthy life-style for all children and adult.

Our vision : As both doctors and devoted parents, we can tell you what a positive physiotherapist experience means to us. It means each child is given the individual attention and treated with care and gentelness as if they were our very own. We personally invite you to an experience worth smiling about.

We, at JISHA PHYSIOTHERAPY AND NEURO REHABILITATION CENTRE engage ourselves as a patient team, render individual care, provide hands on therapeutic treatment and ensure the child learns qualitatively and quantitatively.

JISHA PHYSIOTHERAPY AND NEURO REHABILITATION CENTRE is founded by Dr Rima Desai M.P.T (PED), N.D.T(Neuro Developmental therapy), Special Education, provides best pediatric physiotherapy in navsari.

She holds Master in Physiotherapy(Pediatric Neurology) from MGM college of Physiotherapy ,Navi Mumbai. She pursued Courses on Neuro Developmental therapy, Special Education, Neurodynamics.

She has extensive experience more than 6 years working in a variety of settings with children from birth through adolescence with a variety of childhood conditions including neurological impairments, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Learning disabilities, Dyslexia, Development delay and Cerebral Palsy. She also has expaerience in treating variety of Neurological conditions in adults including stroke, Parkinson disease, multiple scelerosis.

She served as Pediatric Physiotherapist in well known nirmal children hospital and also worked in urja child development center in surat.

Success Stories 1

A 3 months old boy came with left side torticolis. We treated the baby with neck movements and with lots of play therapy involving neck movements, passive stretching and tummy activities on mat and on ball, encour aged the baby to hold the neck and head straight. Now he is able to move his head to both side and hold the neck and head straight.

A one year old boy came with right side hemiplegia. Therapy in last 6 month has made him acquire extension of elbow and partial supination with functional assisted wrist movements. He was not able to sit independently. He is now able to sit independently and walk with support.

Success Stories 2

A 1 year old girl came with complained of flat feet with wide base of support. She was not able to walk independently. After taking physiotherapy, she is now able to walk independently. Therapies given were crawling, bolster sit to stand, toa standing and walking, squatting and kneeling with play therapy.

A 2 year old boy from navsari, parents complaining of lack of attention. Not listening to us, not staying in one place, jumping from bed, etc. walked to our center. After assessing he was found to be an autistic child. We trained him on sensory integration techniques, behaviour therapy and other play way activites. This has helped him
(1) increase concentration
(2) better hand eye co-ordination and
(3) better in following instructions at home And this was found after a review of around 6 months. Parents arefinding it useful and are continuing to do the same.