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JISHA PHYSIOTHERAPY AND NEURO REHABILITATION CENTRE engages us as a patient team, render individual care in the areas of:


Sensory Integration Therapy

Neuro Developmental Therapy

Kids Yoga

Childhood Obesity Program

Kids Fitness Program

Phychological Counseling

Children Relaxations & Calming Techniques

Early Intervention/Comprehensive Developmental Screening

Health Awareness program in School and Preschool
Child Counseling

Parental Counseling

Behaviour Therapy

Speech Therapy

Congnitive Perceptual Training Therapy for Learning Disability and Dyslexia

Therapy for Learning Disability and Dyslexia
Handwriting Training

Special Education

Early Intervention/Comprehensive Developmental Screening

Play Therapy

Ergonomics/Postural Correction/Backpack Tips for Children
On First Visit

During your first visit the therapist will ask you about your child’s development and about your family. It would be helpful to bring your child health record with you.

The therapist will assess your child to find out what the difficulties are and discuss the findings with you. Together you will decide upon the next step.
Complete assessment such as primitive reflexes, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and psychological assessment to measure prognosis before and after treatment.
Assessment also includes checklist of Cognitive, Motor, Social and Speech, Psychosocial development of child, Gross motor examination, Fine motor examination and developmental assessment.
The usual options include:

• Therapy Session is One Therapist to One Child
• During the course of therapy you may be given activities to practice with your child. These will form a vital part of your child’s therapy.
• We provide Combination of Neuro Developmental Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Cognitive Perceptual Therapy, Vojta Therapy, Brain Fitness Training, Brain Gym, Play Therapy and Counseling for Children.
• Play therapy is given for the non-cooperative kids to make active participation during their therapy.
• Consist of all play and developmental toys for kids to make them fun during therapy.